Frequently Asked Questions


What if I'm not familiar with working online over the internet?

A speech therapist treats child with a speech language delay at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Receiving speech and language therapy over the internet may be new to many people. And many individuals, including parents, may be hesitant.

But with the readily available technology, and with most people having used some type of video-chat platform, it's actually quite simple!

Prior to any formal speech therapy session, speech-language assessment or accent reduction training, we meet with our client online to show how simple it is.  

You will view our virtual therapy room which is where the speech therapist and student interact with materials online. 

Most people are internet and ‘app’ savvy, and the tools and buttons to get connected and interact in the online therapy room are user friendly.

After this first ‘introductory’ visit, you’ll agree as to how easy it is to meet us online for your appointment.

Even though speech therapy is online, don’t worry, you’ll still be very involved! Parent education can be an important element to therapy’s success!


What do I need for online speech therapy?

If you are reading this, you’ve got all that you need!

You have a computer and an Internet connection!

Video cameras, microphones and speakers are now all built into computers, laptops and your cell phones.

All our virtual therapy rooms, where we share and manipulate materials, are web based, so there are no programs that need to be downloaded and if you need to install a plug in, we'll walk you though it if necessary.

So we can actually have sessions on your any of your mobile devices as well!


What happens in an evaluation?

There are several components to any speech-language pathology evaluation (on-line or in-person).

We gather information, we test and observe the individual, we score and analyze this material.  A report is prepared, and we meet with you to review and discuss the diagnosis and recommendations.


What if my child does not need a full evaluation?

Parents may also want a quick screening to see if indeed their child’s speech language skills are adequate for his or her age.

A speech and language screening can identify a child who may need to have his speech and language skills assessed more thoroughly.

We can perform an online screening to determine if your child’s speech and language skills are appropriate for his or her age. It’s quick and easy! 


What does an evaluation cost?

Assessment fees are based on the number of tests (formal and informal) given, and the time involved to gather and analyze all the information to make a diagnosis, and present the results and recommendations to you.

We discuss your concerns prior to any assessment and with this information are better able to quote you a fee.

Please Contact Us with your concerns.


What does therapy cost?

Like an evaluation, it's dependent on the time your child will need to improve his speech-language skills.

Please Contact Us with your specific question.


How do I pay?

It's easy and secure to make a payment online using one of the readily available platforms like PayPal.


How long will my child need speech-language therapy?

There is no specific answer to this.  Generally an individual with a mild disorder will spend less time in therapy than one who has more significant delays.

A young teenager with a frontal lisp (who substitutes a th for a s speech sound and says thoon for soon) will probably require less time in therapy than someone who has been diagnosed with a phonological disorder who mis-articulates many speech sounds. 

Brain; treat speech lanaguge imapirments at CAnto Speech Therapy Online

An individual with a receptive and expressive language disorder because of a developmental delay may require therapeutic intervention for a much longer time than someone who has a mild receptive language delay.

And a child with a language based learning disability may benefit from language therapy throughout his academic years.

A stutterer with mild dysfluencies may spend less time in therapy than one who has more severe stuttering behaviors.

No two individuals are alike; we all have different learning styles, and each communication difficulty is unique.

Once we assess the nature and severity of the communication disorder we will have a better idea about your child’s prognosis which we will discuss with you.

Progress depends on the child's age, diagnosis, physical and cognitive abilities, attention, motivation and effort, and parental involvement.

Not all individuals progress at the same rate or along the same continuum; the rate of progress may also vary with the individual - progress may occur quickly at first, slow down, then speed up again.


When will I see results?

Age, diagnosis, attention, physical and cognitive abilities, and motivation all impact the rate of progress.

You may begin to notice very small changes (progress) within a few months, maybe sooner, maybe later.

Parents of children in therapy and individuals receiving speech therapy learn to recognize these subtle changes and begin to appreciate them. Week to week progress is not as obvious as the changes made over longer periods of time. After several months of therapy, parents often comment that their child now has speech and language skills that were not present at the start of therapy.


How do you help parents help their children? 

We can coach parents on how to talk to their child to encourage speech and language development.  We can offer recommendations for creating a language-rich home.

We can also guide parents on creating a literacy-rich home. We can help you prepare your child for becoming a successful reader.

Learn more about How To Talk to Your Baby and Pre-Reading Skills.


What is parent education?

Girl piggy-backing on mom; treat developmental delays at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Educating parents is part of what our speech language pathologists do when working with a child. The better you understand your child’s diagnosis and recommendations, the better equipped you’ll be to help your child develop and maintain her communication – speech, language, reading or writing – skills.

That’s why in addition to addressing your child’s needs we also

- spend time with you to review our findings, and answer all of your questions

- explain why we do what we do in our therapy sessions

- train you in exercises that you can practice with your child between therapy sessions

During the course of therapy, some parents receive training and coaching in early childhood language acquisition and how to teach pre-literacy skills.  Canto has developed its own courses that we weave into therapy so parents can enhance their own skills to help their children.   


What is accent reduction?

Accent reduction, also referred to as accent modification, modifies and reduces a foreign or regional accent making speech easier to understand.

For more information, visit our Accent On Success page.


What happens when you contact us?

We’ll talk to you about your concerns for your child.

We’ll talk about your child’s developmental and academic history.

You and your child will participate in a mock therapy session to see how online speech therapy works.

We schedule an evaluation if one has not been done already.

We present a diagnosis and treatment plan.  You’ll also receive a formal written report.

Therapy is scheduled at times that are convenient for you and your child.

We can also help you make arrangements if you prefer to have some or all of your child’s speech therapy sessions occur while your child is in school.


Why consider speech therapy online?

Online speech therapy is desirable when

- a local speech therapist is not available

- English-speaking therapists are hard to find for expats

- wait lists are too long

- scheduling is problematic

- travel time is too long

- adults cannot leave work to go to their appointments

- patients cannot travel to their appointment location

- clients want the convenience, ease, comfort and privacy of staying in their home


Why choose Canto Speech Therapy?

Canto Speech Therapy is in its eleventh year of delivering speech language pathology services online.  And we have over twenty years experience with the traditional table-top therapy serving individuals with all types of communication difficulties.

We are the provider of choice for the ex-pat community.  Canto was one of the first providers to deliver services to families living abroad.  And we’ve delivered services overseas in-person as well.

We believe that having fancy bells and whistles tied to sophisticated computer and online programs are not necessary for successful and effective treatments.  Good technology is so easily available there’s really no need to emphasize that.

We believe in focusing on children, helping them improve and gain new skills, and that ultimately it is the speech language pathologist that really matters.

Canto’s speech therapists may be light-hearted at times when delivering services ....that’s because we like to throw some fun into the mix.... but we take your concerns and children’s issues very seriously.


Would you like more information about Our Services, please feel free to Let's Talk - Contact Us

Or call us at 971.252.2062

We’re here to help!

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