How to Talk to Your Baby

From 1 to 2 Years


Sometime around your baby's first birthday he'll say his first real word. He'll begin to vocalize more words.

Words he says now are those that can be acted upon. Juice and milk can be drunk, a car can be driven, a ball can be rolled.

Name those things in his environment that he comes into contact with - his socks, his shoes, the tissue, water, a spoon, the fork, the food he's now eating, the food you eat.

He'll begin to understand words for body parts and clothing but only if you use them and incorporate those words into your interactions with him.

Dad changing diaper, talking to baby; language milestones at Canto Speech Therapy Online

During a diaper change here's a conversation that might occur:

Dad: Oh stinky diaper. Time to make you clean. Baby: bababa

Dad: Yes you made poo-poo. You have a dirty diaper. Let's pick you up. Here we go down the hall to your room. Daddy puts you down on the changing table. Baby: tatatata

Dad: Yes, you're on the table. Baby: ta

Dad: table (tap table) this is the table, table. Baby: dada

Dad: Diaper. Daddy takes off dirty diaper. Off with the diaper! Wipe your bottom (show the wipe) See the wipe, here touch the wipe, wet, and wipe you all clean. Baby: dadada

Dad: Daddy loves you. Daddy makes you all clean.

Your child will enjoy stories. Read books with a simple plot. Talk about the pictures, and talk about the story line.

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