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Express Himself Clearly

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Can you not always understand what your child is saying? 

Does your child’s teacher tell you she has trouble understanding him? 

Do you notice that your child is not as talkative as your other children at his age? 

Are you worried that he may have a speech problem? 

If so, your child may benefit from speech therapy. 

Speech is the most powerful yet natural tool we possess.

But communication – listening, speaking, reading and writing – can be difficult for some people.

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Communication problems affect all ages and may take many forms.   

Communication problems may have far-reaching and long-lasting consequences. 

Speech therapy can have a significant impact on a child’s life – it can enhance her ability to communicate effectively and minimize the potential for difficulties later on.

The causes for speech and language difficulties are not always obvious.  However, a speech language pathologist will probably be able to shed light on your particular issue and provide suggestions for improving your or your child’s ability to speak more clearly and enhance your or your child’s communication skills. 

Speech language pathologists are trained professionals who can help people with communication problems.  Speech language pathologists, also called speech therapists or speech-language therapists, are specialists trained to evaluate and treat persons with disorders that affect their speech, spoken and written language, voice, fluency, cognition (thinking) and swallowing.

The speech language pathologists at Canto Speech Therapy can provide the ‘Power of Speech’ for yourself, your child, or your parent.

Good communication skills enhance self-esteem.

Well-developed communication skills last a lifetime.


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How to Find SLP Services

Need some tips and suggestions for finding speech language pathology (SLP) services, read more ....

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What is SLP Online

Speech language pathology online is simply speech therapy delivered over the internet. Find out more....

Mom looking at baby; speech and language devlopmental milestones at Canto Speech Therapy Online
Dad kissing baby; how babies learn to talk at Canto Speech Therapy Online

How to Talk to Your Child

A mini-course on how to do just that!  But the bottom line: provide ample opportunity for your child to talk! It is the best strategy for her to learn to speak.  For specific ideas, great suggestions and fun activities on how to talk to your baby and child at a variety of ages, read on….


Language Development

What should your child be saying at the different stages of speech and language development from birth through five years of age? Most infants have an innate ability to learn to talk. They will learn and develop speech and language over the first five years of their life.  It’s an amazing accomplishment what your child will achieve as she learns to talk.               Learn more....

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Mom and son reading; learn to read, decoding and rerading problems treated at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Childhood Speech Language Disorders

Learn about some typical behaviors observed in children with speech language delays or disorders. If you suspect that your child is having trouble understanding what is said, has difficulty learning to speak, has difficulty talking, or you’re worried that she may have a delay, discuss your concerns with a certified speech language pathologist.  Learn more here ....

Emergent Literacy Skills

Also called pre-reading or pre-literacy skills, impact a child’s ability to learn to read. Well-formed speech and language skills, one of several pre-literacy skills, facilitates learning to read. To understand all the pre-requisite skills that make for a good reader and activities to make sure your child is ready for reading when he starts kindergarten, read on…

Three adults; improve your accent in English, reduce your accent at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Accent Modification

If you are a non-native speaker of English and would like to improve your accent in English, you might consider working with a certified speech language pathologist. Or you might want to learn to speak standard American English.  To learn more how non-English languages influence the pronunciation and grammar in English, read more here!

Fun facts and practical information at Canto Speech Therapy Online Blog

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Practical information that we’ve come across and want to share with you about children, learning, children’s development, parenting and fun facts.  Come back soon……

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Canto Speech Therapy Online offers speech language pathology services online to wherever you might be in the world.

Canto can diagnose your individual speech language problem, offer recommendations to improve your communication and implement a specific treatment plan.

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        With Canto, speech therapy is

        - simple

        - easy to get connected

        - convenient

        - comfortable in your home, school or work setting

        - a viable solution if a speech therapist cannot be found locally

        - so effective


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