How to Talk to Your Baby

From 2 to 3 Years


You will notice that he will be able to follow two-step commands. Get the book, and bring it to mommy.

Mom talking to little girl in tree; vocabulary development at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Knowing that he will be able to hold two pieces of information in his mind and perform upon them, create situations for him to practice and learn this skill. Get the cookie, and give it to the doggie.

Use new words that he may not know to help him expand his vocabulary. See the mug on the table, put it on the counter. The mug, the cup on the table, see it. He'll see the cup because he knows the word cup but he'll note that you said mug for cup.

The use of verbs will begin to increase. Use more verbs in your speech when talking to him.

Talk to him in complete but simple sentences so you can model what he will be learning at this stage. Prior to this you were using telegraphic speech... Mommy eat cookie... Sarah go night-night... Because he will be learning simple grammar in this phase, use correct grammar when talking to him, but remember to keep your sentences simple. Mommy eats a cookie... Sarah goes night-night.

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