Looking for a Speech Therapist?


Are you looking for a speech therapist?

How do you find a competent speech language pathologist?

Read further to make a better decision when choosing an SLP for your child.

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If you are looking for a private speech language pathologist (SLP) for your child talk to your pediatrician or your primary care physician about a referral.

Public schools have SLPs for school-aged children. Early intervention programs for very young children are often available through public schools or other state agencies. Contact them; explain to them that your child may have a speech and/or language delay and you'd like for him to be evaluated.

If you are an adult looking for a speech therapist, your primary care physician may be able to make recommendations. An online search will certainly yield many results. 

Within the United States, most states requires that a speech language pathologist be licensed by their governing body in order to practice. Licensure is generally granted to those holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) offered by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). Holders of CCC-SLP have a postgraduate degree, either MSc or MA, and postgraduate professional clinical experience as set by ASHA. 

Why Speech Therapy Online?

Online speech therapy is desirable when

- you cannot find a speech therapist locally

- the regional speech therapist has no availability 

- parents want or need the convenience, ease and comfort of staying in their home

- travel to appointments is much too cumbersome

- English speaking families living overseas need to continue the children's IEPs

- business people need the flexibility and privacy of receiving sessions in their office or home

- adults cannot leave work to go to their appointments

- school districts in rural areas and inner-city schools suffer from a shortage of on-the-ground speech language pathologists


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Why Canto Speech Therapy Online? 

Canto was one of the first providers of online speech language pathology services.  Well established and trusted, Canto continues to be the provider of choice for the expat community and international families worldwide. With close to ten years of online experience and over twenty of traditional "table-top" therapy, our experienced and certified speech language pathologists remain passionate about serving and supporting families and their children.

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