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SLP providing tele-speech therapy online at Canto Speech Therapy Online


Yes, we're getting bigger, but not so big that we don't know our therapists or our clients!

If you're an ASHA certified SLP wanting to work from home, yet maintain your professional status and be in the vanguard of the field, providing tele-speech therapy online may be the answer.

Family cycling; balance family and SLP work at Canto Speech Therapy Online

We strive to offer the highest quality online services in the world. 

How?  Because by being small we can focus on excellence each step of the way as we're growing.  Therapist owned, we know not only what our clients need, but what our therapists need to give their best - flexible hours allowing for family time and personal growth, professional development and support, and careful matching to clients' needs based on SLPs' interest and expertise.


After years of practicing speech pathology, we've learned that the key to great and effective speech language pathology services is the people who provide it. 

Online tele-speech therapy services at Canto Speech Therapy Online

It's not the bells and whistles in online programs or fancy apps or software that make for good speech therapists, it's the therapist herself who engages and encourages a child to be the best he or she can be.


We take great care in selecting experienced, dedicated, dynamic speech language pathologists who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. 

And we take great care in preparing our SLPs for the online model so they care for "our kids" as if they were one of their own.  

We value and will always strive to maintain high quality, accountability, integrity and giving to the community.

Families choose us.  Let them choose you!

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