Our Services


Canto Speech Therapy offers a full-range of speech language pathology services online, regardless of where you live.   More simply, it’s face-to-face speech therapy over the internet.

We evaluate and treat toddlers, school-aged children, teenagers and adults. 

We evaluate and treat individuals with communication disorders. 

We coach individuals who would like to change their accent when speaking English.


We treat individuals who....

Treat phonological disorders at Canto Speech Therapy
  • cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly

  • have trouble understanding what is said to them

  • have trouble producing language and expressing themselves

  • have difficulty interpreting social situations and interacting appropriately

  • have difficulty reading

  • have difficulty writing

  • have attention, memory and problem solving difficulties

  • have difficulty organizing thoughts

  • have limited communication skills because of a developmental delay

  • wish to improve their spoken language by modifying an accent


People contact us for many reasons:

  • Parents were told that their daughter has a phonological disorder.
  • A mother worries because her son doesn't talk as well as other kids his age.
  • A family’s son has a diagnosis of verbal apraxia.
  • A mother is concerned because her daughter is not reading as well as her older children at the same age.
  • Parents have a child who stutters or stammers.
  • A family has a child who cannot remember details or answer questions about a story that is read to them.
  • Parents have a special needs child and want help to improve his pronunciation and language skills.   
  • A family needs support for their child who lacks interactive social language skills.
  • A family’s little boy was just diagnosed with a bilateral hearing loss and his language development is delayed.


Our certified and experienced speech language pathologists will determine if, indeed your concern warrants further evaluation.

But if you have past assessment reports and/or progress reports, we will generally be able to pick up where your child left off.  If you child does not have current up-to-date goals, we may dedicate several sessions to diagnostic-therapy before creating speech and language objectives. 

And sometimes "coaching" the caregiver may be all that is needed. 

Children with apraxia speech disorder swinging treated at Canto Speech Therapy Online

All our speech language therapy sessions are online.  Sessions very in length and frequency depending on your child's needs and the severity of the diagnosis. 

For our rates and fees, please Contact Us.

Our therapy sessions are effective.  Canto has chosen not to have fancy programs with bells and whistles to boast of; we believe that ultimately it's the speech language pathologist and her experience, knowledge and passion that make for the best speech therapy! 

If you'd like to find out more, please Contact Us!