How to Talk to Your Baby to

Ensure Language Development


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So how do you talk and interact with your baby and toddler to stimulate language development?

Most babies are born ready to learn language.

Your baby relies on you to provide the opportunities for learning that language.

Learn more about Speech and Language Developmental Milestones.

Learn how to talk to your child as he progresses through the different stages of language development from the following charts:

Boy playing with water in bowls; language activities at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Pouring the same volume of water from one container to a different sized and shaped container. The volume of water remains constant.

For a little bit of geometry, fold a big blanket to make a square; then fold again to make a triangle.

Play "I Spy" to identify objects with a specific color, shape, or objects that begin with a specific sound.

Paper, scissors and scotch tape are always fun. Let him use the entire role!

Make play dough. Experiment with different food coloring, adding blue and red to create purple, yellow and red to create orange. This might very well be his very first chemistry lesson!

Play with dried beans, uncooked rice, pasta (dried and cooked).


Girl making play dough; language activities at Canto Speech Therapy Online

Build tunnels for her cars with cans of food and boxes of pasta.

Play in the orchestra - draw out musical instruments from large cardboard boxes - add rubber bands to the cellos and violins. Turn on the radio to the classical music station while playing your newly created instruments.

Reading cannot be stressed enough. More information is provided in the pre-literacy section.

Some parents feel just a little more secure having someone - a professional - tell them that what they are doing for their child is right on track.

Some parents may need a little help - they may not know how to play and interact with their infant or toddler - in providing ample opportunities for their child's language learning.

And some parents don't see their child picking up language as quickly as he/she should.

Talking with a certified speech language pathologist can help relieve your anxieties by addressing your specific concerns.

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