How to Talk to Your Baby

From 6 to 12 Months


From about six months you'll hear lots of vocalizations. Imitate what he says. Or pretend you understand and respond to him.

Your baby's vocalizations now have a purpose. He's requesting a person, an object or an action. Or he's commenting on what is around him. So if his babbling has sounds that just might represent something in the immediate environment, respond using that real word.

Dad talking with 12 month old baby; speech development at Canto Speech Therapy Online

So if you hear your baby say babababa, you should respond with The ball! Here's the ball.

You'll notice that you may just naturally respond to your baby by talking with a higher pitch in simple shorter sentences.

Making your speech more sing-song and rhythmic will keep your baby interested.

Slower speech also aids in the language learning process. Use simple grammar forms and stress important words. Using this style of speech, called child directed speech, will provide lots of opportunities for your child to learn the language.

Make book reading a pleasant experience. Snuggle with your little one; label the pictures and talk about them. He'll begin to recognize the names of family members so take advantage of the family photo album. After his first birthday he'll point to pictures when named.

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