What is Speech Language Pathology?

What is a Speech Language Pathologist?


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Speech language pathology is the discipline that evaluates and treats individuals who have difficulties communicating and swallowing.

Having trouble pronouncing words correctly, not understanding what is said, not understanding what is read, not finding the right words to say what you mean, struggling to write thoughts on paper, difficulty projecting your voice, not remembering directions....are all signs that someone may have a communication problem.

Speech language pathologists, also called speech therapists or speech language therapists, are specialists educated and trained to evaluate and treat persons with disorders that affect their speech, language, voice, fluency, cognition and swallowing.

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In an assessment, a speech language pathologist (SLP) will use standardized tests and observation to determine the nature and severity of the delay or disorder.

A treatment plan will be created to meet the needs of an individual which may include exercises to improve the placement and agility of the muscles involved in speech; exercises to enhance voice production; tasks to further develop language comprehension and expression; exercises to improve thinking, memory, reading decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension and writing skills; educating parents; and referrals to other specialists if necessary.


A speech language pathologist can help a person who....

  • cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly

  • has trouble understanding what is said 

  • has trouble producing language and expressing themselves

  • has difficulty reading and writing

  • wishes to improve their spoken language by modifying an accent

  • has attention, memory and problem solving difficulties


Speech therapists work in schools, private practices, health care facilities, hospitals, clinics, in the patient's home and online over the internet. 

Why Speech Therapy Online?

Online speech therapy is desirable when

- you cannot find a speech therapist locally

- the regional speech therapist has no availability 

- parents want or need the convenience, ease and comfort of staying in their home

- travel to appointments is much too cumbersome

- English speaking families living overseas need to continue the children's IEPs

- business people need the flexibility and privacy of receiving sessions in their office or home

- adults cannot leave work to go to their appointments

- school districts in rural areas and inner-city schools suffer from a shortage of on-the-ground speech language pathologists


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Why Canto Speech Therapy Online? 

Canto was one of the first providers of online speech language pathology services.  Well established and trusted, Canto continues to be the provider of choice for the expat community and international families worldwide. With close to ten years of online experience and over twenty of traditional "table-top" therapy, our experienced and certified speech language pathologists remain passionate about serving and supporting families and their children.

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