Canto Accent Management

Accent Reduction


Is English your second or third language?  

Have you noticed that people don’t understand what you’re saying?

Do you often have to repeat yourself?  

Do you feel that people are listening to the way you speak rather than to what you are saying?   

Have you considered that perhaps your foreign accent affects your ability to communicate smoothly and easily in English?          



You can improve your pronunciation when speaking English!


Canto Speech Therapy provides accent modification to individuals and companies in all industries including STEM, business, arts and humanities worldwide online. 




We provide accent modification for 

  • all ages

  • all professions

  • all levels of education 

  • all cultural backgrounds  

  • all industries


Increase your opportunities for 

  • career advancement

  • securing business contracts

  • succeeding at universities in North America

  • giving successful presentations

  • communicating competently 

  • socializing with peers and friends




Improve your accent and your confidence! 

Speech… the most powerful natural tool we posses! 


Canto Accent Management