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Is English your second or third language?

Have you noticed that people don’t understand what you’re saying? Do you often have to repeat yourself?

Do you feel people are listening to the way you speak rather than to what you are saying? 

Have you considered that perhaps your foreign accent affects your ability to communicate smoothly and easily in English?    

You can improve your pronunciation when speaking English!


Perhaps English is your native language and you speak with an accent from Massachusetts or Georgia.  Have you been wondering how to minimize your regional accent and speak a more standardized American English?

Accent modification, also referred to as accent reduction, modifies and reduces your foreign or regional accent to make your speech easier to understand.  A speech language pathologist can help you improve your accent in English.

Canto Speech Therapy provides accent modification (accent reduction) online, over the internet.  We deliver our services directly and discreetly to your home or workplace.


Why a speech language pathologist and not just a tutor?

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Speech language pathologist (SLP), also called speech therapists, have higher-level education and training in the field of communication disorders. 

Please rest assured that a foreign accent is not a disorder; it’s simply a speech pattern that has characteristics of an individual’s native language, giving it some “foreign flavor” if you will, but it can be difficult for a listener to really hear what you are saying because it may have too much “flavor”.

Speech language pathologists have advanced training and expertise to help you change how you say those accented sounds.  They know about the anatomy and physiology of the oral musculature which are the structures used to produce speech and language.  They have years of experience with helping individuals produce speech sounds correctly.  They also have specialized training in the area of auditory discrimination, in other words they know how to help you not just say words but hear how words are supposed to be pronounced.


How can a speech language pathologist help?

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A speech therapist assesses and analyzes your pronunciation of speech sounds in words, sentences, conversation, and reading.  Based on this analysis she’ll create and recommend a specific accent reduction training program for you.  Your speech therapist may suggest oral-sensory-motor exercises to help you with correct lip and tongue placement for speech sounds.  She may address auditory discrimination to help you better hear the correct pronunciation of words.  She will work with you on pronunciation exercises for speech sounds in words, sentences and in conversation. Practicing correct rate and rhythm, and stress and intonation will also improve your conversational speech in English.


What if you’re not familiar working online over the internet?

Working over the internet may be new to many. And many people are hesitant.  But it’s actually quite simple!  If you’ve talked with a family member or a friend on Skype or FaceTime, then that’s all the experience you’ll need and you’ll be ready to jump into our online classes.


Which program is right for me?  How much training will I need?

Foreign speakers of English often are unsure about their degree of proficiency when speaking in English.  We will meet online to talk with you and gage which program would suit your needs best. 

Several levels of instruction are available.  We will discuss our prices based on your needs. 

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We have

  • 4-Week Courses
  • 8-Week Courses
  • 12-Week Courses

We provide accent modification for

  • all ages
  • all professions
  • all levels of education
  • all cultural backgrounds
  • all industries

We also offer the Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) training.  The Compton P-ESL program was developed by and for speech language pathologists to administer, based on over 20 years of research and study with proven results of at least 50% to 60% improvement in English pronunciation.


Our clients receive

  • an initial interview where we will discuss which program (4-, 8- or 12-Week) would best meet their individual needs
  • a personal speech/phonetic analysis based a recording of their speech: we will ask a client to read some words, read a short passage, and then tell us a little about himself or herself.  We call this a speech sample. 
  • an analysis of the recorded speech sample.  The analysis provides us with information about an individual’s accented speech  patterns and degree of pronunciation proficiency when speaking English. 
  • an individualized program created to correspond to the client’s level of speech proficiency
  • direct training to address their “problem” speech sounds in words, sentences and conversation
  • auditory discrimination training to help “hear” speech sounds correctly
  • direct instruction to address prosody including speech intonation, stress, rate and rhythm
  • if necessary, instruction on grammar and vocabulary development
  • audio practice materials of specific words and phrases designed specifically for the client
  • an end-of-the-course client re-recording and speech analysis to measure improvement
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People consider accent reduction for many reasons.  They want to increase their opportunities for

  • career advancement
  • securing business contracts
  • succeeding at universities in the USA
  • giving successful presentations
  • communicating effectively and easily
  • socializing with peers and friends


Our online accent modification programs are

  • live, in real time, over the internet
  • convenient in your home or work place
  • private
  • available to anyplace you may be in the world
  • effective 
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Our ASHA-certified (American Speech Language Hearing Association) speech language pathologists can help you with your accent modification to improve your English language pronunciation proficiency.

Please feel free to Ask Us-Contact Us about our rates and fees.

Canto Speech Therapy .... committed to providing high quality, personalized online services. 


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