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Are you looking for speech therapy services but can’t find a qualified experienced native-English speaking speech language pathologist?

Would one of the following describe your situation?

You’ve just learned that you’ll be relocating to a new post! However you must demonstrate that you can support your child’s needs at the new location.  Who can you turn to for assistance?


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You accepted a position overseas. Prior to moving you made certain that speech therapy services for your autistic child would be available in your new location. You’re finding, though, that the necessary therapeutic interventions are not as easy to tap into as you had hoped. Who can you talk to?


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Your six-year-old daughter’s speech continues to be difficult to understand. Your daughter’s school suggested a speech therapist locally, but she’s not a native-English speaker, the wait list is too long, the drive is too far or there are scheduling conflicts. What are your options?



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Your 18 month old had tubes placed in both ears to help alleviate chronic ear infections (otitis media). Her speech and language skills are not developing as quickly as they did for your two older children. There are very limited resources in your area. Where can you go for help?



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Your son, a second grader is struggling with learning to read. He has trouble sequencing sounds, he can’t remember sounds when sounding out words, and he often mixes up letters and words that are similar. You know that a speech therapist can treat children with sound sequencing problems but you can’t find a certified speech language pathologist in your area. Who can you turn to for advice?



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Canto Speech Therapy offers a full range of speech and language evaluation and therapy services, online over the Internet.

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Our speech language pathologists are native-English speaking, experienced and certified. 

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