How to Talk to Your Baby

From 4 to 6 Months

At about two to four months you'll begin to hear some vowels sounds.

Imitate his vocalizations.

Mom holding up baby, yalking; language development at Canto Speech Therapy Online

You may even hear an accidental k sound... imitate it when you hear it from your infant. Let him watch you play with the p, b and m sounds. Say the p slowly, produce the b slowly. Exaggerate it. Let him watch. Make the m sound. Some of the first speech sounds are those that he can see you make - your baby can see you bring your lips together when you say the p, b and m sounds.

Not too surprising either that we've selected an easy "visible" word to represent that person with whom he spends so much time in his first several months ma-ma.

Imitate his cooing and squealing. Laugh when he laughs. And when he cries talk calmly and softly to comfort him.

It's never too early to start looking at books with your child. Hold him in your lap and talk about the pictures. If you see a car in the book, talk about your own car; if you see an orange, talk about the oranges in the fruit basket in your own kitchen.

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